Hip Hop Instructors

Jasmine Meakin

instructors-jasminemeakinJasmine began dancing at the age of 3 and studied Tap, Jazz and Ballet. As the years went on, Jasmine expanded her repertoire to include Hip Hop / Street Dance. All these different styles fused together have created her own Street Style, which she is now renowned for.

Jasmine has travelled the world teaching workshops, choreographing and performing thanks to the success of her Mega Jam YouTube channel, which is currently one of the biggest choreography dance channels in the world, racking up 1.4 million subscribers and over 400 million video views globally!

Her love for dance, fashion and all things pop culture is evident in the dance videos she makes.

If you want to see Jaz in action, check out her Mega Jam YouTube Channel 🙂

“My style is a very feminine, sexy style of hip hop for the most part, but I like to change it up from week to week. I like lots of different styles of music so that reflects in my classes / choreography. But most of all it’s about having fun and just loving music and dance”


Luis Pinto


Luis has been performing and teaching dance since the 1980’s influenced by the rise of Hip Hop music and the many styles of dance that fall under this dynamic and constantly evolving genre.

His style is a melting pot of Ol’ Skool Hip Hop and Nu Skool Hip Hop and other styles fused into what he calls an Urban Street Jazz class.

Luis Pinto and Jasmine Meakin are the creators of the You Tube Channel Mega Jam, that has accumulated 500 million views and 1,4 Million Subscribers.

Through the success of their You Tube Channel Luis and Jasmine have toured the world teaching their unique style of Hip Hop.

Luis started his dancing career as a  Freestyle Street Dancer and understands how difficult it is to learn someone else’s choreography , he believes in teaching with patience and clarity so you don’t feel alienated in class….don’t be afraid to ask questions.